Sennheiser MX 90 VC earphones review

There comes a time every couple of years or less in which you have to change earphones. My time came now, and once again I decided to choose Sennheiser over all other medium-priced earphones. The result is astonishing.

The difference between these and my old and cheaper Sennheiser earphones wasn’t as great as the difference I felt when I changed from some Sony in-ear earphones to them. However, the difference these new earphones and my latest make me consider not buying a new pair of PC Speakers due to it’s excellent quality.

I am not a Bass lover, I enjoy it but it’s not something that makes me go crazy over a song (I love the fish though). I preffer a nice clean voice, rather than a “muddy” sound who’s main throttle comes from the Bass itself, and these earphones deliver precisely that. A crisp and clear sound that fits perfectly in your ears without making you wish you had cleaned your ears a little better.

Ok, after looking at this image you’re probably thinking that they have an awkward shape. I was also sceptical when I first saw it, however, after putting them on it became crystal clear to me what good the extra ear piece does.

If you’ve ever used “normal” earphones, like the ones that come with the iPod or most MP3 players, you’ve surely noticed that if you squeeze the earphones against your ears you obtain a better sound quality. With the little extra piece these Sennheisers achieve the same effect, with the only difference being that they’re always playing at their best quality. Every earphone manufacturer should take notes and use this in their future models.

Rubbery earphones that have to go really deep inside your ears are *not* the way that earphones should evolve, and the proof of that are these earphones.

This small stick is your volume adjuster. However, unlike the traditional ones, you have to slide this one “up or down” in order to adjust the volume. Honestly speaking, I prefer the more traditional “scroll wheel” ones, however I have to admit that these look much more stylish.

All in all, the only negative aspect I have to point out regarding these earphones is that it’s protective case is bigger than my Sony Ericsson K750i, however, given the phone’s shape and volume adjuster it’s really the best they could do. And the way it fits when it’s finished feels “tight” and well made. It was made to a millimeter precision, however it requires quite a bit of time to put them in also.

These phones cost me â?¬31.40 which equals more or less $40 (USD). But given it’s features and sound quality, I can understand why they used to cost more when they were just released. These are definitely the best earphones I have ever owned, so if you’re an avid music listener, you should definitely consider buying a pair of these.

Images courtesy of chrisinthesun20 from the futuremark forums

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