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Now we pride ourselves at ForeverGeek at hunting out and highlighting the more obscure but nevertheless enjoyable aspects of all things Geek. The main qualifier has to be fun, fun, fun, and Big Dogs Ink’s latest foray matches the bill.

I have made no secret of my love of Critter (and all of the associated spin-off one shots) released by BDI in this column, and found myself reasonably impressed by Penny For Your Soul even if it does rather concentrate on the ‘Bad Girl’ imagery a tad too much for my tastes. Still, whatever sells…….

Serusis is a totally different beast. After promising to review a copy during San Diego Comic Con, I took a copy of Serusis #1 home and let it languish a little before picking it up. I regret this now, because although as a first issue it falls prey to a couple of pitfalls, the world of Serusis is painted in vivid colours, giving the reader enough history and detail to make the world intriguing.

The aim of the title, I am reliably informed, is to combine the spirit of a Saturday morning cartoon with some hard science fiction, and although I am yet to be convinced as to how hard the science fiction really is, we have all the ingredients to play with. A world with artificially created lifeforms existing in a semi-paradise, while some less than desirable other life-forms remained trapped behind a ‘water wall’. Each the product of some mysterious masters, the latter creatures the design of some renegade ‘Master’. Called Relitons, they take the form of every reptilian enemy we have ever seen, from the Draconians of Dragonlance to the Saurians of CrossGen’s Sigil.

What is more surprising is the innocent race in all of this, a form of intelligent worms. And of course we need to have some humans thrown into the mix, for which we have an orphaned girl and her elder sister (failing as a surrogate mum to a teenager), a Hollywood director and a precious starlet, who I think get transported to Serusis at the end of the issue. To be honest, it’s not really all that clear although it is the only interpretation of the last page that makes any sense. I’m all for leaving things up to the imagination of the reader, but the cliffhanger surely needs a little clarity?

The art is clear, the world of Serusis intricate and entertaining, with clear political personalities and motives. Yet the human characters, those transplanted into the story to be the identifying element for the reader (especially a younger reader) seem not to have transplanted just yet. The graft has not taken. It would maybe have been nice to see what I assume to be the first few pages of issue two as the cliffhanger. Currently, the humans have no point in being there.

But then that could be said of so many people in so many contexts. Just show me more worms, I like them!

Serusis is available from Big Dog Ink, and hopefully your local comic store. Get them to order a copy in, I think you will like it.

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