Serve enemies three ways with Third Blade

Action packed, easy to play and overly addicting, Third Blade gives you three ways you can choose to deal pain to your opponents.

It’s not often we come across good hack and slash games on a mobile phone. Third Blade is one such rare occurrence. The game is made by com2us, one of the more prominent adventure game developers for iOS and Android. They’re responsible for another best seller, Inotia 3: Children of Carnia and Heavy Gunner.

Walking through the forest, you and your girlfriend (??) encounter an army of huge slugs. After slicing up a few, you realize, in horror that your friend has been half-eaten by one of the remaining slugs. You make your way towards their general direction to rescue her.

Third Blade is a side scrolling action game with a lot of hacking and slashing. It features the option to use three different types of bladed weapons, each more suited to different types of enemies. The three weapons are classified into a fast but weaker dual wield knives, a balanced sword and a heavy two handed broadsword that deals maximum pain but attacks slowly. Each weapon has its own distinct adrenaline charge attack which you can further customize as the game progresses.

Each level is pretty linear and advancing to the next level only entails you survive a number of waves of enemies before a portal to the right of the stage opens. After a couple of warps, you encounter the boss of the stage which is usually a more powerful version of the generics you kill off in that particular stage.

Third Blade allows you to change weapons instantly, although I found using the two handed broadsword for most of the game, dishing out maximum damage while keeping checked on my distance with enemies. Each level awards you with coins — which you can also get from drops. The coins can then be used to upgrade each of your weapon types and abilities.

Third Blade is pretty much the cookie cutter action game that Android users may want as the ultimate time waster. Best of all, the game is free to download with in-game purchases being the not so surprising business model.

Third Blade for Android [Download Now]

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