'Shadow Complex' Dev Making iPhone/iPad Game

Remember that awesome Xbox Live Arcade game from last summer called Shadow Complex? It was a fantastic shooter that all but redefined the concept of side-scrolling. I was fortunate enough to be given an early preview of the game at Comic-Con last year, and then the good folks at Chair Entertainment, who built the game, even comped me with a review code to download the game. Sadly, the blog I was writing for went under shortly thereafter, and I never got to write my review of Shadow Complex. But it would have been glowing, I tell you. It was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I had all year long.

Chair Entertainment, via their distributor, Epic Games (the folks behind Unreal and Gears of War), has announced that its next game is moving to an entirely new platform: iOS. Dubbed Infinity Blade, Apple’s first Unreal-powered iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is a first-person shooter/role-playing game hybrid. Apple fans got their first glimpse of the game back at the iOS 4 keynote address, where Steve Jobs & Co. unveiled a little look at Unreal running on the multitouch mobile platform. And I think pretty much everyone was taken aback by how great the engine looked, how smoothly it flowed, and how easy it was to manipulate and control.

Chair’s first details about Infinity Blade state that it’s essentially a sword-fighting game, where you are genuinely in control of your sword and how it is maneuvered by the main character. You’ll be able to lunge, parry, block, and all those other fancy sword-fighting moves, all with simple swipe controls. Like Shadow Complex, there will be tons of exploration available in the game’s castles-and-dungeons fantasy realm, where helpful items like potions and gear can be found. And as you can see from these screenshots, the game looks absolutely incredible. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to run an FPS on iOS with that many polygons and high-res textures.

Infinity Blade will also be supported with lots of post-release content that Chair is planning on releasing on a regular basis, entirely for free. The game is expected to be available to purchase (at a yet-to-be-determined price) this holiday season.

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