Left4Winchester is a Shaun of the Dead inspired map for Left4Dead. I can’t make anything about the video (embedded below) but screenshots look OK so far.

Campaign maps

  • Chapter One – Shaun’s Pad
    Players start in the shed (found in shaun’s backyard), equiped with Left 4 Dead’s First Teir weapons, and they must work their way through shauns house, onto the street, and through the neighborhood to the backroom of the Corner shop.
  • Chapter Two – Mum’s House
    Players start in the backroom of the cornershop, and must work their way to Shaun’s Mum’s House, where the map ends.
  • Chapter Three – Lizz’s Flat
    Players start in Mum’s House, and must work their way to Lizz’s Flat (expect some trouble’s along the way) where they enter the backside of the building and take saftey inside Lizz’s Flat (Appartment).
  • Chapter Four – To the Winchester
    Players start in Lizz’s Flat (Appartment) and must work their way outside, then through some tuff situations and onto the Winchester, where they find saftey in the backroom (or so they think…).
  • Chapter Five – Survive the Winchester
    Players start in the backroom of the Winchester Pub, and must survive inside long enough for the power to come on (allowing them to use the lift found in the cellar), as well as wait long enough for the APC to arrive (Upon exiting the Lift).


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