Shifting My Assumptions

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! (Well, bears anyway.)

Today sees the second issue of The Ravagers hitting the shelves, and I find that I really cannot muster the enthusiasm. Whereas some of the New 52 have been phenomenal successes, at least in this writer’s eyes, the Ravagers is not one of them.

I am sure I am not alone when I say what a pleasure it is to see Animal Man back on the stands, and a new Swamp Thing for that matter. Justice League Dark has been a fun ride so far, and I have already waxed lyrical about Night Force in a previous column. Or the new Stormwatch for that matter.

But when it comes to the Teen Titans, if I were so inclined I would cry myself to sleep every night. The legacy of Marv Wolfman and George Perez has been cast aside for something that struggles to reach the dizzy heights of the early issues of Youngblood. In desperate hope, I dipped back in to read the crossover ‘The Culling’ as it drew in the cast of Legion Lost; another title that seems to be disappointing many diehard LSH fans, but that is the topic for dozens of other pages and forums. I can add my four-penneth as in I am not too impressed with Legion Lost, but I am going to read, because it is Legion, and I hope that once all of the plot holes have been filled, I will be much happier. When it comes to the Legion, I have faith.

But as for the Titans, not so much. There seemed to be a good balance of personalities in the Ravagers, but I couldn’t turn a page without thinking  – “What have they done to….(insert name here)?”

Garfield.  Warblade. Rose Wilson. It seems that not only the Titans have been screwed with, but the Wild C.A.T.S. as well, two of my favourite teams mangled and merged into something completely unrecognisable.

I have found solace however, in a new title from Big Dog Ink. Like Vescell, Ursa Minor is set in a world where the magical and folklore creatures have all revealed themselves. With a beautiful noir-style cover, I did not expect greatness from the issue, so I was more than happy to enjoy a thoroughly good read. It never even occurred to me that this was a traditional ‘bad girl’ title, until I saw the covers for the upcoming issues at the end. And no, call me stupid, but the strip joint did not give it away to me.

So DC, if you are trying to teach me that expectations are bad, you have succeeded. I will not expect you to honour great team legacies in your newsstand material. Maybe once the world has all given up on paper, and we make the total transition to digital, I will see my dream of titles from the previous realities also continuing, returning to the worlds that the market has been torn away from, like the Pre-Crisis Earths, the Sigma Earth (per and post Zero-Hour) and the first two incarnation of the New Multiverse.

After all, post-Flashpoint is the third, right? Or can we count Flashpoint, which would make it the fourth.

In nearly as many years.


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