Or your best friend, if you’re into that kind of prank.

In the beginning, some people thought that Bitcoin was just a passing trend, but today, cryptocurrency has expanded its horizons, and more shops – both online and offline – are accepting Bitcoin (among others) as payment. Not to mention the huge amount of money that people made with automatic trading tools like the Bitcoin code.

But I think nothing can beat this web site called Shitexpress. It’s for real, guys. You can buy poop from their web site, pay for it using Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin or Dogecoin), and then have them ship sh#t – literally – to whomever you want. It even comes in a packaging. (Well, d’oh!)

shitexpress bitcoin buy poop

How does this thing work? Check out the simple, four-step process below.

shitexpress bitcoin buy poop

You can even choose the packaging! That’s much better than having to collect, wrap, and deliver the poop yourself, isn’t it?

Oh, Internet. The things you come up with…

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