Being the very best like no one ever was is hard work. Not only do you have to whip tame some wild Pokemon in line so you can pit them in fights. Okay, that sounds a little too harsh and dark, Pokemon is all about love for pets and friendship, after all. So lighten up the mood with this utterly adorable Pokemon Sleeping Pikachu Lamp!

Thanks to Geek Core, we can finally feel what Ash has for eons: the warm kinetic tickle in our heartstrings courtesy of Pikachu’s electric shock… it’s all figurative, don’t worry. Anyway, who wouldn’t want their own Pikachu by their side while sleeping?

Enter the Pokemon Sleeping Pikachu Lamp.

pikachu lamp

It may not be alive but at least it fills up your room with a soft voltaic glow. The Sleeping Pikachu Lamp is made out of hard plastic enough to diffuse the shine of a bright bulb and turn it into a mellow dim bedside light. If you want it brighter or darker, you can choose one of the two modes: solid light or soft pulse.

pikachu lamp

It’s 25 cm. in length (lying down) which is quite close to the actual size of Pikachus in Pokemon. It also requires three AAA batteries which are not included. Meanwhile, the bulb inside the Pikachu lamp is made with LED; that means it won’t get dangerously hot to the touch.

Needless to say, it’s every bit as cute as the actual Pikachu. Perhaps the lamp is even cuter since it’s Pikachu in a belly-down sleeping position.

As for the cost? Only $40. No need to win the Pikachu’s unending loyalty by being the most stubborn Pokemon trainer ever. Gotta catch ’em all so you can sleep better at night, literally.

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