Shopping For Your Dream Car (No, It’s Not The Batmobile)

Everyone has a dream car, something from their favorite TV show or movie may inspire what they want. While you’re not going to find the batmobile at a car dealership, it could at least inspire a look you’re going for. Some cars may be classics, or muscle cars, and will have you looking at specific types of used car dealerships, while some will have you itching to own a Mini Cooper or maybe even a hybrid vehicle.

When you want a car, and money’s no object, you need to know where to look for the type of ride you want. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you get started on the path to owning that dream car. You might not be able to tool around in the original K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) or the classic winged batmobile, but you could find yourself a cool ride resembling that of a more Christian Bale Batman era black sports car.

Electrics And Hybrids

If your dream is less movie inspired and more eco-friendly inspired, you definitely need to be shopping for an electric car or a hybrid. You could also opt for a Flex Fuel vehicle. There are far more options in all of these types of cars these days. You can get a sporty or a smart look, whichever style pleases you.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are a whole different breed when it comes to cars and vehicles, so make sure you do a little research ahead of time to know what you’re getting into. It’s nothing bad, but you don’t want any surprises. And, while with your “regular” vehicle you may never touch your owner’s manual, with your new hybrid you may want to read it from cover to cover, at least once.

Classic Muscle Cars

While you can find hybrids at any new car dealership, if you want something classic you’ll want to be looking at places that sell used cars. Keep in mind that styles sometimes come back around, so if it’s just a look you’re going for, and you’re not a gearhead itching to get under the hood of a 70s era Charger, you could shop new and find something with a similar body style to those classics.

What is “classic” to one person may be junk to another. Maybe you love 80s nostalgia and want that era of Mustang. Most people didn’t like that body style, but if it’s your thing, go for it. It’s the type of vehicle you could potentially find on any used car lot.

Antiques And Vintage

When it comes to those really antique vehicles, the ones people don’t just drive around in and only bring out for the classic car shows, you may be looking into some restoration work as well as spending a pretty penny.

This type of vehicle is more likely to be found in someone’s estate sale or at a vintage car auction. Make sure you have some money saved up and know exactly what you’re getting into. You also want to make sure you have a safe storage place and a way to get it there if it’s not in running order at the moment.

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