Shot Carver: Get Fruity!

It is pretty obvious by now that my night was full of fun that involved some amount of alcohol, isn’t it? Don’t worry – we all drank moderately and were responsible adults. At the end of the night, I had tons of fun. That night made me go look for cool drinking gadgets, though, and here is another cool find: the shot carver.

I found the shot carver at Cool Stuff Express, and while it does not really involve electronics of any kind, I think that it would at least serve as a conversation piece when you entertain at home. So what does it do?

Think apple corer. In truth, it is not that much different from your conventional apple corer. What the shot carver does is create a hole in a fruit (apple, pear, name it!) which can then serve as your shot glass! Pretty nifty, huh?

Imagine this. You have 10 or more people coming over. You have to prepare all sorts of glasses and drinking stuff for the night. You have to clean up the house, decorate a little bit, and make sure that nothing stinks. At the end of the night, you’d have to do all the cleaning up yourself! With the shot carver, you do not have to waste time washing and cleaning your shot glasses. Just get dozens of fruit, insert the gadget, twist, pull it out, and voila, you have a disposable shot glass! Not only do you have something functional, you can entertain in style as well.

The best part –  it’s only $11.99!

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