In today’s gaming area, innovation is pretty hard to come by. Motion controls found in our three consoles are pretty much steal the limelight and I guess we owe it to the reality that gaming is indeed a business and businesses are playing things safe. So while they rake in the money, it’s a tad harder to find more innovative ways to keep people entertained, until we found out about a set of Sifteo bricks for USD $150.00. Whoa nelly, coming soon this 2011.

The bricks pretty much combine our childhood with todays wireless and accelerometer technologies. Each pack comes with three bricks with up to six being used for a single game. The package also contains a wireless USB receiver that transmits data to the bricks so you will need to have your computer nearby for the games to work. Here are the requirements:

Windows XP/7 or Mac OS X 10.5+
512 MB RAM
200 MB disk space
Internet connection (for software download and access to Sifteo app store)

Have a look at the videos and see how versatile the bricks actually are: from learning math and languages to frantic puzzle games, there’s something for your one year old, your teenager and even for you.

Oh and I love how they include 3 bricks inside a “Sifteo Cube” box. Pun!

I also can’t wait for the modding community to get their hands on these.

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