Silent Hills Spiritual Successor is Born: Death Stranding

When we all heard Konami fired Kojima and cancelled Silent Hills (starring Norman Reedus) as fans of the game series and game creator, we were all pissed off. It was a move that made no sense and left us wondering what magic Silent Hills could’ve been. Well, good news for Kojima fans clamoring for something new from him, as we are on the verge of getting it. And the best part, Reedus is back,. baby!

That something is called Death Stranding, and in typical Kojima fashion it looks creepy and intense and wholly insane. While the story seems to tell us so little about itself or what gameplay will be like from the trailer, there are a couple of things you are definitely getting with this game based on Kojima’s past track record:

  1. Moody, tense atmosphere
  2. Strange-ass characters
  3. A weird, unsettling story
  4. Stunning visuals and memorable leads
  5. Some mind-fuckery

And finally, some scary ass, weird, mutant boss fights that you will most likely never forget. Outside of that the game is kind of a mystery to us gamers (and Kojima intends to keep it that way for a while). But let’s just all breathe a collective sigh of relief we are still getting a new Hideo Kojima game starring Norman Reedus after all. R.I.P Silent Hills but may Death Stranding be ten times the game you were when it finally releases it’s madness into the world.

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