Silver Surfer Requiem #2 (Marvel) - Comic Review

It is very rare for a comic book to give one “chills”…but Silver Surfer Requiem is a very rare comic book.

I do not believe, in the character’s entire history, that the Silver Surfer has ever been handled better by a creative team than the work that Michael J. Straczynski and Ribic have done with this series thus far.

This book is a glowing reminder of everything that comic books can be. It is thought provoking, beautifully illustrated, and awe inspiring.

There is no super villain. The only actual threat is the Surfer’s own mortality.

The plot, in this issue, focuses on his desire to help the world in the best way he can one last time before he dies.

The story is very compelling, and very well executed. I have no desire to spoil it for you here, so that’s the extent of plot details I’m going to mention.

Straczynski’s “voice” for the Surfer is perfect in every way, and I am exceedingly glad that he’s the one penning the Silver Surfer spin-off movie screenplay. He has a perfect (in my mind at least) handle on what makes Norrin Radd a compelling character, and manages to communicate the Surfer’s feelings without coming off as preachy or annoying.

The same cannot be said for Spider-Man who cracks a few too many lame jokes in this issue for my taste (which is one of the reasons I haven’t spent too much time following Straczynski’s run on Spidey), but the core of the character is very much in tact, and Ribic’s classic Ditko inspired look for Spidey grew on me almost instantly.

I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is the certainly the Comic Book of the Week…maybe the Comic Book of the Year…

Grade: A++

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