One of the hats I wear is that of an editor of a men’s magazine. We have, in our niche some of the best creative directors and artists to ever design a cover through and through. Truthfully, we’ve never really used Photoshop to remove blemishes, beauty marks and other such imperfections, especially when shooting the ladies and this is part of our “keeping it real” attitude and a statement we want to make in the industry. However, as far as print goes, I’ve always found a gap when it comes to converting the magic of print design into something on the web. Most of the artists we hire, for some reason have limited to no knowledge of CSS while those that DO know do not seem to be adept enough to fulfill the duties of a full time job working for a magazine (they’re so good, why work full time?)

I came across ‘Divine’ the other day and this definitely looks like the bridge that fills the gap for designers who don’t know CSS but are pretty hot on creative elements with Photoshop. It sort of works like a WYSIWYG editor, allowing you to work on your design, then launch Divine, and filling in the blog template elements such as post date, time, and other WordPress elements. Yeah — it uses WordPress, so you’re pretty much set. Best of all it is free. Check out the demo to see how exactly it works. Divine is a MUST HAVE for any designer who wants to import his work into WordPress just like that.

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