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Sir Patrick Stewart Will Return to Star Trek as Jean-Luc Picard

It’s one of those things that you dream about as a geek, but you never imagined it would actually happen. Like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four returning to Marvel Studios ownership, Star Wars movies released on a regular basis instead of 16 years apart, or for some of you, Nathan Fillion bringing you breakfast in bed while dressed as Mal from Firefly. So the idea of Sir Patrick Stewart returning to the iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard, the one that made him internationally famous after 7 years in the captain’s chair and more than 16 years since he left it, is nothing short of miraculous.

While he may be done with playing Professor X after last year’s “Logan” film, it seems he’s been keen on working with the people at CBS All Access to bring another chapter to the much beloved Starfleet captain’s life. Upon making a surprise appearance at the official Star Trek Las Vegas convention on Saturday, Sir Patrick Stewart announced his return to the world of Star Trek, followed by this tweet:

My friend Jackson and I were thrilled to hear the news as it means OUR Star Trek journey is not yet over. Y’see, for the past 5 years, the two of us, along with a few select friends, have been making our way through a 5 year mission to watch every single Star Trek movie and television series made to date. And while we are scheduled to finish up that mission by the end of this month, we’re excited to take on more Discovery and this new Picard series, whatever it may be called and whenever it may air. If you’ve got 40 minutes to spare and share with two Star Trek geeks, sit back and listen to our excited blathering on the subject.

PodBlasted – Sir Patrick Stewart Returns to Star Trek as Picard

Feel free to leave your comments below on where you think the next chapter of Jean-Luc Picard’s life will take him. Will we see old(er), familiar faces? Will we meet new foes? Will he even be the captain of a starship anymore? Only time (and CBS All Access) will tell.

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