Real Genius - Six Degrees Of SeparationIt’s believed that everyone in the world can be linked together by no more than 6 degrees of separation and of course all those connections lead back to Kevin Bacon, so why not put that knowledge to “good” use with a handy flowchart of genius.

The chart, which shows how Pablo Picasso and Mark Twain are attached to Mary Shelly and various other brainy counterparts is well thought out and even color coded to show which group each person fits into such as actors, architects, painters and others.

The chart even breaks each connection up into Friends, Lovers and Family to show how far the connection must go before a new connection is made.

You can even use the chart in reverse order by finding out how you have some type of connection to Kevin Bacon with people in your life and then follow that connection to see how many degrees from that point you’re attached to these brainy individuals.

Given my family background, I’m happy to learn how I’m attached to the more crazy of the artists on the chart, but that’s just a personal preference.

Chart after the break:

Real Genius - Six Degrees Of SeparationObviously the word “Genius” is a bit all encompassing in this chart, but it does showcase some of the best talents in various fields with the end result being the same….Kevin Bacon.

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