Skyrim Monopoly: The Only Monopoly Board You'll Want This Week!

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Gamers all over the world were bound to their chairs waiting for the video game to be released, and when it finally came out, those very gamers either went silent online (presumably glued to their HDTVs) or flooded their friends’ walls and Twitter streams with Skyrim-related posts. It was just a matter of time till someone came up with his own Skyrim Monopoly design. After all, we have seen all sorts of Monopoly variations, Mass Effect Monopoly and Fallout Monopoly, for example.

DeviantArt user ~oddeh (known as Alex Bennett in real life) from the United Kingdom has suddenly gotten the attention of Skyrim enthusiasts with his Skyrim Monopoly design. Here is the Skyrim Monopoly board, and I have to say that I am mesmerized by the center. Never mind that there is not much to see except for what you can see in the game cover anyway. It is beautiful.

Skyrim Monopoly Board

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This board is 20×20 inches (6000 px) at 300dpi. If you download it from ~oddeh’s page, you can simply print the image and stick it on top of your existing Monopoly board – unless what you have is a neat version as well. Then you might as well create a new board.

The artist has also created the design for the Guild Mission and Daedric Quest cards.

Skyrim Monopoly Cards

He does have a disclaimer: “I had a little fun with them, so players looking for a serious set may have to adapt them.”

Last, we have the Skyrim Monopoly coins in lieu of the usual bills or notes. Indeed, as the artist says, using the latter just doesn’t seem too apt for a Skyrim-themed Monopoly board. It’s just going to be a little tough to handle all those paper coins, I think. In any case, they look cool.

Skyrim Monopoly Coins

Now you just have to get a 3D printer for your tokens, houses, and hotels, and design Skyrim-themed items yourself. That, or ask ~oddeh for some help. I am sure he’ll be glad to oblige!

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