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Skyslide: All the Nopes in The World


So for twenty-five bucks, you can now pay to ride a 1,000 foot slide that brings you down the side of a skyscraper looming over Los Angeles. Yes, you read that correctly. You can PAY to feel like you are going to die now. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who has skydived, but even THEN, I had a parachute attached to my back. The kicker with the Skyslide is that it is made of bulletproof glass, but you know it would be scary as hell, even though the likelihood of it breaking lay at near impossible odds. Still, though, the terror you must feel during the ride must be heart pumping.

So while the chances of you dying on the skyslide are slim, the chances of you shitting your pants while riding the skyslide is something that we cannot speculate upon. But just the idea of what it must be like to look out the side of the slide at the streets below while you are sliding at an increasingly rapid pace must be insane. Okay, MAYBE I would do it, but I would definitely invest in some “adult diapers” first. Just being honest. Shit looks scary, pun intended.


Anyway, meet you at the Skyslide. I’ll be the guy with poop in his pants, wont be hard to spot me.


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