SmartJoy FRAG: Play PS2 & Xbox with Mouse & Keyboard

Hooray for “Lik-Sang”:! They’ve created an adapter that will let you use your PS/2 compatible mouse and keyboard to control games on the Xbox and PS2. This will be a godsend for any PC gamer that tries to play a first person shooter on a console, because we all know playing a first person shooter on a console is the worst thing imaginable. I never played Goldeneye or Halo or any other FPS game simply because of the fact that I absolutely loathe console controllers for FPS games. But now that is all fixed.

The only problem is that you still have a maximum spin rate that is hard coded into the game, so even though you’ll be able to aim with a mouse, you can still only turn as fast as someone that is using the joystick on the controller. I expect this will be a little frustrating, but should still be better than the damn thumbstick for trying to aim.

The device is on sale for pre-order for $28.90 and should be available in time for Halo 2.

The adapter comes with pre-sets for the most popular FPS games for each console, and you can program your own by entering a series of key commands on the keyboard. You can also adjust the deadzone for your mouse, reverse the direction, etc.

Lik-Sang is having a “banner design competition”: as well. Just submit a advertising banner ad design, and if you win you get one of the new Mini PS2’s, a limited edition Japanese Xbox, $50 in store credit, etc.

And if you feel like whining about how it’s so unfair that some people will have a mouse and keyboard when playing on Xbox Live, you can bitch and moan in the “SmartJoy forum”:

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