SnesPSP_TYL V0.2 Finally Released

Yoyofr, creator of the best Sony PSP emulator made so far (the only one capable of full speed emulation) teamed up with ThunderZ and Laxer3A and started developing this great SNES emulator for the PSP based on the code of the SNES module Little John for PalmOS.

The new features are:

[FIX] psp accelerated rendering fixed
[FIX] fixed crashing bug with mosaic effects & psp accelerated modes
[FIX] fixed sleep/resume freeze
[NEW] snes BRR decoding in mips assembly (sample decoding, sounds better in man games)
[NEW] snes cpu/hdma optimization
[NEW] ppu optimization (FF6 is eventually playable)
[NEW] implement snesadvance “speedhacks”
[NEW] gui cosmetic enhancements & fixes (correct time, …)
[NEW] new ppu hacks mode to speed up emulation
[NEW] autosave sram shortly after being modified (usually 1second)
[NEW] auto savestate every n minutes
[NEW] import savestate from uoSnes9x or Zsnes
[NEW] help, press Triangle on a menu option
[NEW] started internationalizing (english, french, japanese) (only for menu help, not complete)
[NEW] disable savings features when battery too low (avoid memstick corruption)
[NEW] mode 7 hack to speed up a bit the rendering
[NEW] option to render PAL games as NTSC games (get ride of black border at bottom)
[NEW] per game settings
[NEW] configurable inputs

You can visit Yoyofr’s site by clicking on the “Visit Site” link below, or click here for a direct download.

If you really enjoy the emulator please consider making a donation for their great work on this.

Have fun and remember: FG is not responsible for how you use the emulator.

(Special thanks to goonjamin from the DCEMU forums)

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