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So This Is What PONG Has Evolved To...

There is something so utterly mesmerizing about this gif. We all remember (those of us old enough) how PONG pretty much was the first real player on player video game ever made for the home. Though the experience is dated and hilarious now, the game used to pit families against one another for hours and set the foundation for PVP games as we know them now. But all you need to do is take one look at this gif to know things have changed quite a bit over the last 50 years. Gone are the days of holding an awkward controller to move a line back and forth. Now we have this! That odd moment in life when YOU become the game controller.

Truth is it is a mix of augmented reality and the old wall climbing simulators we all see at some arcades still to this day. It is such a simple premise but in execution, looks like it would be great fun AND good exercise. Two words I do not like to put side by side if I don’t have to.

Thank God for Wii setting us up for this.


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