Social Skills Forced On Neumont Geeks

Who says that geeks have no social skills at all? Well, if we were to ask the employers of the graduates of Neumont University, they would probably not hesitate to say yes. As a matter of fact, they have filed some complaints to that effect.

Neumont University is one of the best schools for computer science today. To back this statement with figures, the LA Times recently noted that 90% of graduates from the university have jobs within 3 months of graduation. More so, many of them land jobs with big companies like IBM and Microsoft. So what seems to be the problem?

The grads are “addicted” to their computers. Some have a different smell. The Escapist details these complaints:

The smell’s just part of a bigger problem. Companies that have recruited Neumont graduates have been pleased with their computer skills, but have complained that the students lack basic social skills and suffer from computer addiction.

And the fix?

To fix this Neumont’s administration is taking drastic measures by forcing students to shut down laptops in class, start social clubs, and take at least three classes in interpersonal communication before they can graduate.

I just find the whole issue hilarious. Leave them geeks be. If they wanted to socialize, they wouldn’t be who they are. If they wanted to start social clubs while attending college, they would probably have gone to another university.

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