Gorgeous Geek Graffiti that Could Even Impress Banksy

Geek graffiti? Gives new meaning to “Simpsons did it!”


Banksy, the well-known British street artist, recently left New York after living in the city for a month. There’s been some squawk about his purpose in visiting. Some feel he is a genius; others liken him to a pretentious hack. Of course, you’ll find that with just about any eccentric or creative individual. One thing that’s certain is that he has his own equivalent of fanbois.  The man-on-the-street sometimes plays with elements of pop culture, and even poked some fun at the darker side of the animation business when he directed an episode opening for “The Simpsons.”



You probably know that graffiti and street art are nothing new. One could say that some towns even have their own sanitized and sanctioned versions in the form of flood wall murals. Soldiers have long made their marks as they were passing through an area, and the legendary “Kilroy was here” was born as a result. Recently, the Chinese were embarrassed when one of their young citizens travelling abroad had the audacity to scratch his name into a piece of wall art in a 3,500 –year-old Egyptian temple.

Pop culture, geekery, and tech provide an ample and rich fertilizer for the creative ground in one’s mind. Since we tend to identify with our favorite characters from comics, games, TV, and movies, they have provided inspiration for art work that is simple or profound, that carries a message or is just for fun.

While sites such as Tumblr are like the modern public “digital street” for art, there’s a quality to be found in the real thing.


Who can resist some Doctor Who geek graffiti?

This was a work in progress in New York at the time the photographer captured it for the Net to see. I bet it turned out splendid. Of course, Who art is plastered on walls, dumpsters, and sidewalks all over the world. It’s pretty cool to see something as simple as Bad Wolf scrawled across the landscape, with some left to wonder if it references a gang.



When Breaking Bad is good


If graffiti is considered vandalism, then it has never been so good to break bad. Given the nature of the series, Walter White, his Heisenberg alter-ego, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, and the rest, are found adorning the walls of lots of cities and small towns.


By Andrew in St Petersburg, Russia


What’s behind that wall?


Well, this could creep out as you pass by. Surely not something I’d like to come across in the pale moon light…


Pan’s Labyrinth Pale Man by Justin Prince – Austin, Texas


Geeks who make good

Chances are, you’re viewing this post on some Apple product, whether it’s a Mac computer or the newest iPad Air. Love him, or hate him, one cannot deny the influence Jobs had on tech and geek culture.



 Something Geeky in the Neighborhood


Transported to another universe


Adventure Time graffiti just amazing. There’s a lot of it out there, but there’s something to be said for those who have the guts to place such art on a train.


Walking Tall

As if by magic…


Outside the Matrix


Artists are Big Damn Heroes

Making a mark

Boba Fett is on the hunt. (Geek graffiti seems to really like guns/phasers/etc.)


As if people need a reminder about being late

Going down the rabbit hole never looked so awesome. Make sure you’re on time!


Has much changed?

This old London train station received a McFly renovation.


Because it’s cool. (And dang scary!)


Xenomorphs are fascinating. Don’t. Look. Up…


Alien – London


On the Fringe

My favorite use of graffiti in pop culture is how it was used in the television series, “Fringe,” to convey secret messages and Easter eggs for future episodes, or to show the age-old art created to give people a sense of power.


 What’s your favorite geeky use of graffiti?




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