Some "Useful" Venn Diagrams

Who doesn’t love Venn diagrams? They’ve always had a way of making concepts easier to understand. I suppose this is true for most visual learners.

It seems that countless other people have found a better use for Venn diagrams – to make your work day more bearable. Take that diagram up there (via Next Round). It’s been making the rounds for some time now and I am not certain that it’s accurate, but it sure will take your mind off whatever’s bothering you! At the very least, you’ll be assessing your social aptitude (or ineptitude), obsessive tendencies, and intelligence. And, if you take any of that stuff seriously, then you really do deserve to be called one of those labels!

Here’s one from Despairwear.  You can actually get a shirt with this design if you feel like it.
I don’t use MySpace all that much – except to check out new music – so I don’t get why it excludes stalking.  And, do stalkers really use Twitter that much?

No one can deny that Scarlett Johansson is hot. This Venn diagram sums it all up.

So that men won’t feel left out (as subjects of these diagrams), here’s one of Vin Diesel.
I have to strongly disagree with the tag “shitty movies” though. Yeah, his movies may not be Oscar-worthy, but they are not all shitty! How can that specimen ever produce anything shitty? Tell me! (Could use some support here.)

Are Venn diagrams useful or what?  My math professor in university would be raising his bushy eyebrows if he were to read this…

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