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10 Dragon Ball Super scenes to rewatch for Son Goku Day

May 9 is Son Goku Day! It has been five years since the Dragon Ball franchise’s main character returned for a brand-new series: Dragon Ball Super. Just when you thought that our favorite Saiyan has already reached his limit, he just breaks it to ascend to a whole new level.

To celebrate Son Goku Day, here are his best scenes in the anime series. If you haven’t seen Dragon Ball Super, you’ve been warned: spoilers abound this list!

1) Goku leaves his family to practice at the first opportunity

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The series opens with Son Goku working as a farmer, because, well, saving the world does not actually earn you money. But when Mr. Satan actually gives him 100 million zeni for beating Buu (Dragon Ball Z’s final main villain), he immediately gives the money to his wife Chi-Chi and dons his iconic orange uniform to train at King Kai’s planet. Oh his priorities.

2) Goku turns into Super Saiyan God

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To fight Beerus, the God of Destruction, Son Goku actually turned into a Super Saiyan God! Unlocked through a ritual with six Saiyans, the Super Saiyan God transformation turned Goku’s base form’s eyes and hair into red. But if this is only a base transformation, that could only mean…

3) Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan exists

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Son Goku, and eventually Vegeta, look exactly like their yellow-haired Super Saiyan forms. Visually, the difference is the hair color, but the power level immensely higher. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is quite a mouthful, so the characters decided to call it Super Saiyan Blue instead. How convenient.

4) Goku gets an evil doppelganger

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While Son Goku doesn’t exactly turn evil, a version of him in a different timeline gets his body switched with evil Supreme Kai’s apprentice Zamasu. The main evil duo of Future Trunk’s arc features Goku Black, who can also turn himself to a pink-haired Super Saiyan.

5) Vegito returns

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With Son Goku and Vegeta up against a fused version of Zamasu and Goku Black, the two Saiyans had to swallow their individualistic pride to fuse anew using potara earrings. The result is Vegito’s return, now with the power of Super Saiyan Blue. Now they didn’t play around like they did back when they faced Buu in Dragon Ball Z.

6) Goku’s spirit bomb, well, bombs

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The Tournament of Power saw Goku’s Universe 7 fierce warriors from different universes in a battle royale for survival. Goku turned to his trusty technique, the spirit bomb, to gather energy from his teammates into a giant ball of destructive power. It doesn’t work this time, however, as the spirit bomb blows in front of Goku, instead. However, this blast helps actually triggers a new form.

7) Goku gets ultra what?

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Here, Goku transcends anew, this time tapping into a power that even the Gods of Destruction themselves can’t easily reach: ultra instinct. The spirit bomb unlocks its incomplete version, where his body automatically evades attacks while his eyes and hair show a silver glow.

8) Goku completes ultra instinct

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Goku’s hair and eyes turn full silver in this form where his body automatically attacks and defends. He almost beats the ever-powerful Jiren in this form, until his power runs out.

9) Goku, Freeza, Android 18 vs Jiren

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If you have to watch only one Dragon Ball scene for Son Goku Day, this has to be it.

Drained, Goku teams up with two of his former foes, charging with Freeza at the front while Android 18 provided long range support from the back. It’s a strange team up, considering that Goku and Freeza still hate each other guts. Near the end, Goku’s Super Saiyan form pulsated as he helped Freeza push Jiren out of the battle stadium, until he finally transformed at the last moment. That’s chilling since Goku unlocked his Super Saiyan powers when he fought Freeza in Planet Namek.

10. Gogeta becomes canon

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While not part of the normal season, the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly made the legendary super saiyan, Broly, an official character in Goku’s universe. All Dragon Ball Z films in the 90s were not canon apparently, since they don’t fit the anime and manga’s continuity, but Broly was one of the reccuring villains in those stories.

In this movie, another fan favorite also got his canon introduction: Gogeta.

With Goku and Vegeta unable to beat Broly on their own, they had to learn the fusion dance from Piccolo. After two failed tries, the newly-fused Gogeta proved to be powerful enough to overwhelm their new foe. The fight scene between Broly and Gogeta here is simply one of the best and it can definitely make your Son Goku Day celebration better.

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