Sony, Microsoft Both Claiming Victory in Early Console Wars

They were both released in November within days of each other, and both have launched to undeniable success, quickly selling in excess of a million units . They are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the two newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and each company is claiming victory in the early going of the newest console wars.

That’s a lot of consoles

Sony announced that it had sold an impressive 2.1 million PS4′ in November, which included 1 million within 24 hours after the system’s global launch. Microsoft also achieved the same feat on their launch day later, selling 1 million units, though that was with a launch in 13 countries, while the PS4’s 1 million sales were achieved in Canada and the U.S alone.

However the PS4 has since launched globally in 32 markets (though late in November in many of them), while the Xbox One will not see a full rollout until next year, giving the PS4 a decided advantage in overall sales. The 2.1 million PS4s sold in November are well outpacing the Xbox One, which just broke the 2 million consoles sold mark in early December.

To counter that, Sony is boasting that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by as much as 3.5-to-1 in some countries where the Xbox One has been released (which includes England, Germany, France, Australia, and Spain).

“We launched the machine on Nov. 29 and last night we had sold 80,000 units in Spain,” James Armstrong, CEO of PlayStation Spain, said in a recent interview with MeriStation. “We’re selling at a rate in comparison with competitors from 3.5 to 1.”

The PS4 is also out to an impressive lead in England, where 250,000 units have been sold, compared to the Xbox One’s 160,000. The global sales for the PS4 don’t include its native Japan, where the console has yet to launch but figures to trounce the Xbox One in sales, just as Sony’s consoles have done to Microsoft’s in the past two console generations. Nearly 10 million PlayStation 3 consoles were sold in Japan to the Xbox 360’s 1.7 million.

And while it’s too early to say which console will emerge victorious by the end of their lengthy lifespans, some analysts are already predicting that the PS4 will win the war at the end of the era.

Buying guides driving sales?

Buying any device or piece of equipment that has a multitude of specifications and features can be daunting without a handy way to compare them at a glance. This is where buying guides come in. Buying guides are indispensable for analyzing and making purchasing decisions on everything from refrigerators to televisions to smart phones, and game consoles are no exception.

Most major gaming websites and newspapers have come out with their own buying guides for the two new consoles, closely comparing all aspects of their features, design, and games libraries, and helping torn gamers choose between the two closely matched consoles. With a small majority of major buying guides giving the early edge to the PS4 over the Xbox One, they could certainly be influencing the early momentum.

The consensus seems to be that while the Xbox One has a slight edge in online features and games at this point, the PlayStation 4 appears to be the more capable game-playing machine of the two; a rather important component of a games machine after all, despite their collective drive to becoming digital entertainment hubs.

While the battle is sure to be a long and hard-fought one, the early victory appears to be Sony’s.

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