Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Interviewed

Kaz Hirai, SCEA’s CEO gave recently an interview to Kikizo, and instead of them writing the interview down, you actually hear and see it straight from “the horse’s mouth”.

These were the topics:

  • Sony’s changed attitude since E3
  • Showing PS3 off to consumers for the first time
  • “We don’t want to make announcements that have no meaning”
  • PlayStation profitability – “making huge contributions”
  • Losing IP exclusivity on titles like Assassin’s Creed
  • PS3 a “completely different entertainment experience”
  • Sixasis and loss of rumble – why not settle with Immersion
  • Input functionality more important than feedback device
  • If HD-DVD prevails where is PS3 left for movie playback?
  • SCEA not concerned with Blu-Ray, but establishing PS3
  • Launch supplies and ramping up production for Holidays
  • Strategic delay of the European launch
  • Strong platform six or seven years from now
  • No Riiiidge Racer or Massive Damage jokes – guaranteed.

There are however some things which weren’t mentioned on that list which, in my opinion, deserve at least an honorable mention.

Mr. Hirai didn’t exactly say that the Playstation was making huge contributions bottom line, what he said, and is perfectly reasonable, is that depending on what fiscal year you’re looking at, or the year span, then Sony Computer Entertainment could be considered very profitable or less profitable. It’s normal for Sony’s profits to be lower this year because of the huge investments they made in the Playstation 3. Even though they didn’t innovate a lot in terms of gameplay they were the ones who invested the most time, money and thought into the hardware of their machines.

And I also agree with Mr. Hirai that in 6 years from now, the Playstation 3 will most likely be the console that provides you the best game entertainment because it provides the consumers and the developers with the best hardware of the three next gen consoles.

As it currently stands, the Playstation 3 will definitely be the console that will provide you with the best graphics, and the Nintendo Wii is likely to be the funnest console to play. The tides have turned, and now it seems that instead of Sony being on the aggressive side, it’s Nintendo, and the two will battle each other this Christmas.

However, Microsoft also has a strong internet community and it’s safe to say that their online system is, for what we currently know, the best one of the three.

So which console will or have you chosen?

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