Sony PSP Initial Thoughts

This isn’t the review that I referred to earlier, but I think it’s fair of me to provide you with my quick initial thoughts after using the toy for a couple of hours.

Ooo, It’s Shiny…Damn I Touched It

Unless you have actively removed fingerprints from your hands this thing will get plenty of marks on it, which is a shame because the damn thing is damn beautiful. Almost too nice. Like you just want to put it in a glass case and never allow a single person to touch it.

The Screen

Everyone talks about how the screen is what makes the device. You know what? Those people are the most brilliant folks in the world. The screen is perfection (assuming you got one without any dead pixels). It’s like seeing a plasma screen for the first time.

I just got done watching Spiderman 2 on it and really it put my 30″ LCD TV to shame with regards to image quality. Oh and this was the first time I saw Spiderman 2 and it’s a damn good movie.


Sucks. Next.

Get It

Based on this initial impressions if you like handheld games and killer graphics and cool shit, then buy this…or wait for the contest where we will be giving one away. More indepth analysis later.

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