Sony PSP Last days Recall

Hello everyone, I’m back again after a few days of absence due to the work I’ve been having in making my new homepage. Since I hardly made articles this week, here’s the low down on what’s new and exciting about Sony’s little black beauty.

Death Jr. was released and…

…it sucks. I haven’t heard one good review yet, and there is absolutely no reason for this game to turn out like this. This was the very first game announced in development for the PSP and yet it is nothing more than annoying plat-former with very bad camera angles, stressful platform parts and a cliche and boring story like the ones your grandmother told you, only worse.

So everyone, you read it here last! Don’t get this game, unless you have nothing better to do with your pocket money, but even so, I recommend you save it for a while, because in a few months a 1 GB memory stick will probably be around the same price as a PSP game at the current rate the prices are dropping (you can already find some between $80 and $90)

Extreme Ghouls and Ghosts for the PSP

Yes ladies and gents, one of your favorite classics is coming to the PSP with revamped and improved graphics. Hopefully the game-play will remain just the same. The game will use the PSP’s 3D engine to add some depth to the game, if you’ve played the Playstation version you’ll understand what to expect.

Classic Pack 2 has been Released for Wipeout Pure

If you’re the lucky owner of Wipeout Pure (US) you can now download the second part of the classic Pack which introduces two revamped tracks from older Wipeouts, namely: Odessa and Porta Kora and also a couple of new skins for the game. So go download it and have fun!

These announcements are fine and all, but I know what you’re really looking forward for are the hacks announcements, so click below to read on about them.

Wab Version Changer V2

Before you jump up with glee and kiss the person next to you, this isn’t a homebrew to downgrade your PSP from 1.51 or 1.52 or 2.0, well, not for real anyway. This is a “normal” homebrew program which you can use on your 1.50 or 1.0 PSP to change the firmware version without actually updating it. If you change your PSP’s firmware to 2.0 with this then even if you try to apply the 2.0 official patch after you can’t, since you will get a message saying that your PSP is already updated, but don’t worry you can revert back to your old firmware version number, or less, or more, whatever you prefer.

PSP Firmware Downgrader coming very soon

Now you can jump up with glee and kiss the person next to you, not that FG promotes pedophilia, zoophilia or anything like that, so don’t blaime us if something goes wrong.

Yoshihiro from team WAB, the same guy that brought us the PSP Firmware version changer has reported to have successfully downgrade a v1.52 PSP to 1.50. He still hasn’t released the program because it still has a few bugs, so he’s ironing them out, but it should be out in one or a few more days, so if you were pacient until now and didn’t update you shall be rewarded. So be ready because “DOWNGRADE DAY” is coming very soon.

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