Sony VS Sandisk - PSP Memory Sticks battle!

Well, I’m back from my undetermined period of absence and I’ve decided to pick up where I left but bring a different kind of news to FG that I will try to make into a category called PSP. Basically I will try to bring all news on new homebrew software and coolest hardware from various sources, and put them together in one place where you can see them (sure… this is what every PSP site claims it will do, but if I can bring most of it here and you can still get your dose of daily Internet news your visit will be much more pleasant). Anyway enough of chit-chat, on to the article itself.

Today I bring you a link to a review done on the two most popular Memory Sticks (Duo) on the market, the Sandisk and the SONY one.

To keep the review short here are the pros and cons of each of them:


Sandisk PROS:

  • Cheaper then the Sony DUO stick’s
  • Faster then the Sony DUO stick’s
  • Cool semi-transparent yellow-ish green case
  • The material used on the shell didn’t feel cheap or flimsy

Sandisk CONS:

  • 14MB smaller then the Sony DUO stick

Sony PROS:

  • Manufactured by Sony who’s known for quality.
  • 14MB more space then the SanDisk
  • Like the SanDisk MS the material used on the shell didn’t feel cheap or flimsy

Sony CONS:

  • More expensive
  • Noticeably slower then there competitor
  • Ugly brown shell

After reading this I was glad I bought that particular Sandisk Stick, even though I don’t think the transparent yellow case is cool… good thing it’s not visible when it’s in the PSP!

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