Sorrows and Joys

Just as reality swings from side to side in the comics worlds, as Age Of X has finished and Flashpoint commences; so to does reality swing up and down in, well, reality.

It was with regret that I heard yesterday that the excellent Human Target TV series has been dropped by Fox. There has been some discussion on the inter-webs whether the addition of the two female characters Mrs Pucci and Ames strengthened the series or detracted from the first series’ dynamic. As fun as the first series was, if I can add my four-penneth, then I have to say they added greater conflict and more subtleties to the show, rather than what one contributor called the ‘damsel-in-distress of the month’ formula.

So, I checked the shipping list for this week, and noticed that Stan Lee’s Starborn #6 is out, so I thought I would catch up with the previous issues (having to wait for tomorrow for the shipment itself).

Unlike The Traveller, I had dismissed this one initially as an adolescent wish-fulfilment fantasy; and to be honest, mush of that images remains. Never the less, it is a lot of fun; I have the security of knowing it is set in a whole universe rather than a stand alone, whilst having the pleasure of discovering whole new worlds that are not burdened with aeons of continuity.

The last issue actually revealed some of the secrets of the central character’s origin, the writer Benjamin Warner who had discovered the content of his sci-fi novels were actually real. (Hence the wish fulfilment.) Yet I am really warming to the characters, and I look forward to seeing his ‘grow up’ in a heroic sense. Heck, he’s already nicer than Guy Gardner!

So, if the Big Two with their reality shifts are boring you or aggravating you, then why not hop onto Starborn, or The Traveller before their continuities become as complicated as say, Spawn? Wonderfully simplistic to start with, but after a decade, I’m getting a bit confused with that one!

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