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Grimm First Episode

Last night, I gave in and started watching one of the newest TV shows airing today: Grimm. With The Walking Dead being as dragging as it is – I haven’t seen the latest episode, and I don’t particularly feel the desire to do so – it is about time for TV show junkies to cast their nets for other fish. The Big Bang Theory seems to be going down the drain as well, giving us more reason to find other things to occupy our idle moments.

Thank goodness for Grimm.

I have been hearing about this TV show in the past month, but I didn’t really know anything about it except for the fact that it is related somehow to the Brothers Grimm, known best for their collection of folklore and fairy tales “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”. If the term fairy tale is turning you off right now, please hear me out. Grimm is more than your usual fairy tale with a sloppy ending. It is more than the usual beginning of “Once upon a time…” and the usual ending of “And they lived happily ever after”. Grimm takes fairy tales to a whole new level, and brings to life creatures that were only once part of our childhood bedtime stories.

Think Little Red Riding Hood. This time around, she may be your girl in college taking a jog in the park. Think Goldilocks, except that she may not be the pretty innocent girl looking for her place in this world.

The premise of Grimm is that creatures from folklore are real, and they live amongst us. They do, however, have the ability to transform themselves so that they look like ordinary human beings. Only a special group of people called the Grimms have the ability to see them for what they are. And just to make things more realistic, the creatures of fantasy cannot be placed in a box, that is, they are not all bad, nor are they all good. The task of the Grimms is to find the bad and weed them out from the good.

The TV show provides a good mix of fantasy elements and realism. It also gives you more than your fair share of suspense, not to mention the action. I have only seen the first two episodes, and the fourth one is due to be aired this Friday. I suggest that you give it a shot. I bet you’ll be hooked just like I am now.

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