Spider-Man Gets a Makeover for 'Amazing 2'

Sony has released the first image of Andrew Garfield as the title character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it shows some huge changes to the Spidey suit that Garfield wore in the first movie. Let’s take a close-up look and compare.

I loved The Amazing Spider-Man. It was a brilliant movie. Andrew Garfield is a fantastic Peter Parker, better even than Tobey Maguire, in my opinion. That that Spidey suit he wore… well, it blew. In the movie, Peter claimed it was spandex, but it looked like rubber. I think it was made out of basketballs. (Seriously, look at the texture on the red areas of that suit.) And don’t get me started on those nonsensical tennis shoes…

So it’s no secret that hardcore Spider-Man fans (like myself) hated that suit. We were rather.. vocal… about it. Director Marc Webb seems to have heard our griping and addressed our concerns, because for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield is getting a whole new suit that looks more like the Spider-Man we know and love. Here’s the new suit, as first revealed by ComingSoon.net.

The new suit for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

At first glance, it may not look that different, but look closer. Here’s a comparison between the suits from Garfield’s first appearance as Spidey and the new suit.

LEFT: The suit from Amazing Spider-Man 1. RIGHT: The new suit for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Not only has the design of the suit been changed, even the fabric looks to be different. The darker red of the first suit (with that weird basketball texture) has been replaced with a brighter red that’s shinier and smoother, probably standard spandex. In the bottom right corner, you can see that they’ve kept the new spider symbol, as seen in the first movie, but it’s hard to tell if it’s been elongated and stretched out as much as it was before. (Sure hope not.) Whereas the first suit had black webbing (and the spider symbol) that looked etched into the fabric, the new suit has gray webbing (and symbol) that’s raised. The red pattern has been spread out a bit, and now goes down Spidey’s arms.

The mask shows just how much the suit has changed. Let’s look even closer.

LEFT: A still from The Amazing Spider-Man. RIGHT: Close-up on Spidey’s new mask.

The most noticeable change is the eyepieces, which are much bigger in the new movie. The darker, sunglass-type material used for the eyepieces in the first movie has been replaced with something white, which makes the entire head look a lot more like he does in Brian Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man comics. (Appropriate, since this film series takes a lot of inspiration from the Ultimate comic.) You can also see how much the materials have been changed, and the grid pattern of the webbing from the first movie has been updated to the more traditional radial pattern that fans are familiar with.

All in all, the new suit reminds me of something: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man suit. Check out the similarities:

LEFT: Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man. RIGHT: Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

It’s not a carbon copy of the Maguire suit by any means. But aside from the eyes and the spider symbol, they look pretty similar. Of course, all we’re seeing so far is Spider-Man’s head and part of his upper torso and shoulder. It’s likely that the rest of the suit looks more like a natural evolution of the first suit Garfield wore. But I’m happy to see that Sony is bringing a Spider-Man to the big screen who actually looks like Spider-Man. We’ll see just how much when Sony shows off the full suit.

Let’s just hope those godawful sneakers are gone, baby, gone.

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