Splitterbot does just what a standard audio splitter does, but cuter

By andy

I feel just a little shame posting this Splitterbot guy just after some important leakage, but the fact is that anything with a little robot face on it has to be worth a look, even if it’s more expensive and barely more functional than a standard audio splitter.

Yes, indeed, the Splitterbot is a friendly little white guy (I mean he’s made from white plastic) who sits on your keychain waiting for your need to share a banging tune with one of your mates.

At this point, his head conveniently comes off (completely, mind you, not just tilting back like our R2-D2 trash can) so you can plug him into your PMP and then (kids, look away now) shove a couple of headphone jacks into his eyes.

I feel more could have been made of this robot. Maybe a Splitterbot Deluxe is called for, where his antennae become useful switches or dials that control volume.

Take a look at those feet, though. They’re almost LEGO-like. Of course, they’re not, but how cool would it be if he could stand around at home with your collection of personalised LEGO people on a piece of that weird chunky bobbly green plastic grass?

Anyway, Splitterbot is yours for the tidy sum of $7.99. Grab one now.


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