You'll Never See Spock the Same Way Again with These Spock Mashups

I may be wrong, but I think Spock is the most loved Star Trek characters. Then again, there’s definitely a lot of bias that went into that statement. But hey, tell me you didn’t shed a tear when Spock died!

Accurate or not, I thought it would be fun to scour the web of various portrayals of Spock. You know how we enjoy a collision of universes, so a post on Spock mashups is not out of character.

From real-life people to superheros to cartoon characters, these Spock mashups are sure to elicit some sort of reaction from wannabe Vulcans. Aside from the characters colliding in one scene, do pay attention to the artwork. Some of them are particularly impressive!

So here you go, our collection of Spock mashups. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did putting them together.


I think Spock would make a good president, don’t you?

Image source

Jedi Spock

This is an obvious Spock mashup, but can you imagine just how much power he would have? Is this even possible?

Image source

Zombie Spock

Now Spock would be one heck of a zombie, but that depends on what kind of zombie. The Walking Dead walkers don’t have a mind of their own, but the PDS in In the Flesh would suit Spock more, I think.

Image source

Spock Shrek

Not exactly Shrek turned into Spock, or the other way around, but certainly a good mashup. I can just imagine what’s going on in Spock’s head as he experiences what’s in Shrek’s!

Image source

Spock Joker

Why so serious, Spock? Because it’s the logical thing to be sometimes?

Image source

Spock Into Mordor

Now I enjoy this Mordor meme, but I am not so sure this one’s true. If anyone can simply [verb] into Mordor, it would [Spock]. Or is it just me?

Image source

Doctor Spock

The next time someone says “Doctor Who”, I shall show them this image, and say “Doctor Spock!” Unrelated: The Logical Doctor.

Image source

Pixar Spock

This is what happens when Spock gets Pixarized, and as much as I usually like Pixar, this one doesn’t appeal to me much. How about you?

Image source

Spock Prime

This might very well be the ultimate Spock mashup. Spock Prime. No words.

Image source

Tony Spock

This is one comic book I would truly treasure if it were real. I just wonder how Spock and Tony Stark would get along in one body/mind?

Image source

Spock Pilgrim

Cute drawing, but not again, a weird personality mashup.

Image source

Which Spock mashup is your favorite? It’s a tough choice between Doctor Spock and Spock Prime for me.

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