Sponsored Video: "Batman" Producer on the Perfect Black

What is the measure of the Batman, save for when he goes darker than Black?

Batman has gone through so many changes through the decades. From his humble beginnings portrayed in the vintagely campy 60’s live-action TV series to the over-the-top Joel Schumacher movies to the brooding and deeply emotional Christopher Nolan era, Batman has evolved and matured through the decades. He’s solidified into a complex, defined figure of modern myth, and creatives push their skills and technology to best capture the Dark Knight’s true essence.

One of the creatives in pursuit of the perfect black for the perfect portrayal of Batman is Michael Uslan, Originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise.

Black is essentially the absence of all color, and this is exactly why capturing the perfect black is vital to highlighting the stark difference of what makes the caped crusader the epic figure he is from the rest of his comrades in the Justice League. Uslan explains that it plays on the yin and yang of artistic elements, that perfect color would not be as vibrant, as vivid, and as indelible without the perfect black, and vice versa. “Perfect black is the portal to perfect color”, he muses.

The Evolution of TV Display Technology: OLED Bursts onto the Scene

Hence, with directors making critical choices in the technology to best use in making films about Batman and other superheroes, so has the evolution of screen technology become more critical than ever. Television began with cathode ray tubes (CRT), plasma screens, and LCDs. Now OLEDs have come to dominate the viewing arena and stay faithful to the original vision of visionaries such as Christopher Nolan and Michael Uslan.

OLED screens need no backlight; the secret is that each pixel can emit its own individual light, creating a crisper, starker image and rendering hues like never before. Black is now a deep, rich, true black, no light pollution, no muddled tones. Just pure black.

Michael Uslan is not alone in his faith in true black. Other visionaries also believe that compelling storytelling can best be achieved with crisp colors and the truest hues.

Watch Michael Uslan talk about true black below:

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