Star Trek Is Just Around the Corner

How much do you get into your favorite TV shows/movies? Chances are that you totally get immersed in the worlds the show present. At least I know I do, and if you take a look at forums and other venues where discussion abounds, a lot of other people do tend to get obsessed with certain TV shows/movies as well.

As TV show/movie franchises go, Star Trek is pretty much high up on the list. Whether you are a fan or not, if you keep an open mind, there is a lot that is fascinating in Star Trek. Who would not want to have a tricorder? How much more can we discover and analyze with one in hand? I know I would not mind having a phaser (set to stun, most of the time, of course) handy!

These are only a couple of the “gadgets” that we love that are from Star Trek. And the technology – oh, the wonderful technology. Where does one even begin?

If you cannot help but marvel at – and desire – the technology from Star Trek, you will not mind spending some time looking at this infographic that tells us where we stand. Created by Sortable, the infographic takes a look at some of the most recognizable gadgets and technology from Star Trek and compares what we have in reality at the moment.

Sad to say, we are not quite there yet, but as the infographic says, it’s just around the corner!

Sortable’s High Tech

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