Star Trek Level Home Automation Through Your iPhone

First beamed into people’s living room in 1966, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek has continued to attract and inspire generations to this day. Aside from boldly going where no man has gone before, Star Trek’s appeal also relies heavily on the futuristic tech used by the crew of Starship Enterprise.


In an era when many families didn’t have a color television set yet, Roddenberry’s saga introduced us to communicators, replicators, tricorders and much more awe-inspiring technology – not to mention voice command operated computer interfaces.

Thanks to the now ubiquitous smartphones, we are edging closer to Starship Bridge-like automated setups in our homes. Ever dreamed of controlling your heating’s thermostat with your phone? Have a passionate dislike for the antiquated technology that are keys? Wonder why we can land a rover on Mars but you still have to get up to switch on/off your lights? You are not alone.

All this time, Kirk and Spock have been enjoying their Holodeck for almost 3 decades.

Luckily much of Star Trek’s technology has made it into our lives, too.

And in recent years, the connected Internet has slowly but surely made its way into our homes as well and home automation, like Fluent Home, is becoming ever more present across the world.

Gary Arnold, a Fluent Home representative shares his excitement about being part of making Star Trek technology come to life in a way. He says:

Star Trek and other sci-fi franchises helped to inspire innovation and make future technology a reality. Cell phones and advanced microprocessors are an excellent example of that. We very much enjoy the Star Trek comparison because we feel that when our homes, like the Enterprise, learn to anticipate our needs and provide convenient solutions, our lives will improve and our happiness and efficiency will increase.

At the very basic level, we have connected babycams, NFC door locks, connected lightbulbs, and ACs in more and more homes today. These are often combined with a plethora of necessary mobile apps to control all devices from your phone – the one remote to rule them all.

Where Scotty could use voice commands to be transported from the engine room to the bridge, soon you can use Siri to turn on your lights thanks to Apple’s soon to be released iOS 8 Home Kit or you could just operate most platforms with one central control hub such as Fluent Home, as Gary Arnold explains:

Imagine having a home that is smart enough to know when you are not there and adjusting your thermostat accordingly. Thats the power of home automation.

The Fluent Home system is unique in its ability to connect to nearly any kind of automation device even those not offered by Fluent. Our control panel can serve as a central hub to the technology devices in your home, allowing you to monitor and control them from anywhere.

We may still be years away of being able to order our drinks from our home replicator, like Picard with his iconic “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” (One does not simply drink iced Earl Grey) – although even that is coming closer, and we can safely say that we will still be able to enjoy this pleasure in our lifetime, thanks to the nascent introduction of 3D food printing.

Of course this tech, just like Star Trek often wasn’t the first to actually show futuristic technology, has already existed for some time, and Fluent Home has been offering a connected central home hub for a while now, the much dreamed of one remote to rule them all.

On another practical note, one that may not be highlighted much on Star Trek, is the impact of these technologies on energy consumption. Home automation certainly lowers one’s carbon footprint. To quote Gary Arnold:

Fluent Home systems help create efficiency in two main ways. One is by saving energy through complete HVAC control and scheduling. The other is by letting you access your homes security and technology from anywhere in the world using your smart device. This saves you time and affords peace of mind knowing you can keep a close eye on your home no matter what the circumstance.

And who wouldn’t want these advantages? Although to be honest, they already got me at “Star Trek”.

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