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Prove Your Allegiance by Showing You Know All This Star Trek Trivia

Can’t get enough of Star Trek here at ForeverGeek, and we know that we’ve got kindred souls out there. With Star Trek Beyond coming out soon (just a “few more sleeps”) – never mind the disappointing early reviews – let’s play a fun game. Simply put, test our knowledge.

Simply put, test our knowledge. With a dozen movies (Baker’s dozen now), Star Trek has more than enough material for nights and nights of, well, trivia nights. (If you don’t all of the trivia below, it’s okay. We still respect you.)

So, we’ve taken up on Deep Focus Film Studies‘ offer to look at Star Trek trivia that may or may not be common knowledge (at least to Trekkies). Before we share that with you, though, here is the last trailer of Star Trek BeyondLet’s hope this doesn’t get messy.

Star Trek Trivia

Let’s kick it off with five fast fun facts. Did you know…

  1. Orson Welles narrated the teaser trailer of Star Trek The Motion Picture, but he loathed director Robert Wise. So, when he had to say the director’s name, he had such a difficult time he had to practice for an hour in order to remove that loathing from his tone.
  2. The Wrath of Khan was originally supposed to be Vengeance of Khan but was changed because the new Star Wars film was titled Revenge of the Jedi. I say that change turned out pretty well.
  3. The Search for Spock is Leonard Nimoy’s feature film directorial debut.
  4. Eddie Murphy was supposed to play the part of a UFO-obsessed college professor in the Voyage Home but was ultimately unable to take the role on due to schedule conflicts. Now, imagine how that would have been!
  5. Kraft made a “real” version of Spock’s marshmallow (marshmelon) dispenser from The Final Frontier. You can find this dispenser on eBay for anywhere from $18 to $70 (as far as I’ve seen).

That’s just a teaser – there are five fun facts for each movie, all bundled into one graphic (for each movie) for easy viewing. Check out the gallery and then do what you will with your newly acquired knowledge.

So how did you fare? Feeling superior, or is your tail tucked between your legs?

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