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Star Wars helmets you wish you had for Revenge of the Sixth

The COVID-19 pandemic might stop you from going out easily. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go on full geek mode with Star Wars helmets.

Wearing a mask in public is now required in some territories to protect people from catching the coronavirus through aerosol transmission. For Revenge of the Sixth, why not go the extra mile and channel the Dark Side of the Force?

The Star Wars saga has featured lots of head gear through the years, most of which belong to much-beloved bad guys of the series. Any fan of the franchise should at least have a character helmet or a mask with them. So why not wear one over your protective face mask? There’s bound to be at least one Force-sensitive fan who’ll smile when they see you outside during this pandemic.

In case you don’t have any helmet, don’t fret. We can dream about having the following items:

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

Of course we’ll start with the grand daddy of iconic Star Wars helmets. Darth Vader pieces are sought after by fans, from simple plastic ones to those with voice changers. What sets this particular helmet apart is it’s full-cover three-piece setup with matching sound effects what activate when you put them all together or take them apart. While it doesn’t feature a voice changer, the breathing sound effect is enough for most fans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask


He swore to finish what his literal grand daddy started, and smashed his helmet in the process during the new trilogy’s second movie. This Kylo Ren voice-changer helmet only covers the face, but you can mimic that deep dark mysterious voice that rival’s Vader’s with ease.

If you prefer version from The Rise of Skywalker, you can this one which features red kintsugi-esque marks that light up when you activate Force Rage.


Clone/Stormtrooper gear


The army decked in all-white armor gets a lot of love from fans. Each generation has their own version: the original imperial stormtroopers of the first trilogy, the clone troopers from the prequels, and the First Order’s version of stormtroopers in the sequels. All of these are full helmets, but there’s bound to be lots of options when you opt to be a trooper. Just don’t gather with other galactic soldiers outside at this time of physical distancing.


Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Premium Electronic Helmet

This looks beat up, but that’s just how bounty hunter roll. This Boba Fett helmet also features an illuminated rangefinder that activates with a press of a button.


The Mandalorian helmet


It’s the odd one in this list, with no Dark Side connection, but hear us out. The Mandalorian did give us that Boba Fett vibe at the start of the series, being a bounty hunter and all. But who can resist a baby that looks like Yoda? Can you?

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