Star Wars vs Star Trek. It will never get old. For all we know, our grandchildren will still be discussing the merits of Star Wars and pit them against the merits of Star Trek. Or maybe, they will be living in those worlds. Who knows?

In the meantime, however, our generation will continue to have those conventions. People will continue to relish the thought of dressing up and pretending to be characters in those franchises, not to mention actually doing so. We will continue to hear and read discussions about which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek? We will continue to see infographics such as the one that the guys at Best Essays have created. ((Best Essays)) Now, I just have to say this: I do not agree with the service they provide, but I just cannot forego writing about the infographic. After all, it is Star Wars and Star Trek we’re talking about! I guess they were banking on many people sharing the same sentiment!

Anyhow, I think there are many camps when it comes to the topic of Star Wars vs Star Trek. One camp might say that the two franchises are totally different and that there is no point of comparison. Another camp may think that the franchises are too similar and that they are actually confusing. ((It’s hilarious, but I am sure you’ve met at least one person who thinks that way. Yes, not everyone gets excited about Star Wars and Star Trek.)) Yet another camp may think that there are similarities and differences and that it is a fun and fulfilling exercise to incite passionate debate.

If you belong to the last group, then consider this infographic mandatory Friday reading. Take a close look at the spaceships and compare their features – from the weapons to warp speed. Planetary destruction, asteroid destruction, combat range, and speed – geek out and maybe even add to your arsenal of knowledge for the next time you engage in a healthy discussion on Star Wars vs Star Trek.

Star Wars versus Star Trek
Star Wars versus Star Trek

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