Star Wars Corsets

Ready to have a night of naughty fun? Why not try on a bit of Star Wars naughtiness. No I’m not talking about a Princess Leia gold bikini, although that wouldn’t be bad either, but rather a new set of Star Wars Corsets.

The corsets feature two options, a shiny white storm trooper outfit or a naughty in black Darth Vader option with included cape.

Designed by California artist shop EveningArwen both corsets can be picked up with their full outfits (pictured) for the not so consumer friendly price of $600. Although for woman married to or dating Star Wars fanatics it may be just the right price to pull their loved ones away from their 1000th viewing of Return Of The Jedi.

I personally like the message left on the designers website:

For aspiring Galactic oppressors we offer our Galactic Empire Corset Collection.

Keeping your empire in check is always a little easier if you’ve got everyone’s attention!

What do you think about the corsets? Leave us your thoughts.

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