Starcraft II: A Ghost of the Past I Wouldn't Mind Seeing

Do you know what day it is today? July 27, 2010, for sure. Gamers would know that today is the launch day for Starcraft II, the much awaited sequel to that “little” game released about 12 years ago. (Note to self: Wow, it has been that long?)

I still remember when I first played Starcraft. I wasn’t that good at it, but I just couldn’t stop playing. My mother would remember the game because she threatened – several times – to smash the computer if I didn’t go to bed before the sun came up.

So today, gazillions of gamers will be holding their breaths in anticipation, and by the end of the day, they will finally be able to see if the game is worth the wait. Surprisingly, Blizzard did not release full copies of the game to reviewers. The result is that even pro game reviewers and critics will be testing the game together with the rest of the masses.

What we do know is that the races are the same: Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. We know that the game is very heavy on the story side. We know something of the storyline:

In the distant future, in the darkest reaches of space, the ghosts of the past whisper your name. You are Jim Raynor, a marshal-turned-rebel on a vigilante crusade to bring down the Dominion and its nefarious leader, Arcturus Mengsk. Haunted by betrayal and remorse, some believe you may have given up the fight. But you have promises to keep…and a need for vengeance that’s long overdue.

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The game trailer gives us a glimpse as well.

I wouldn’t mind playing this game, but remembering just how the first one ate up my time many years ago scares me. Maybe when I feel like I can handle the temptation better. Anyone here buying Starcraft II? Share your experience with us!

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