Wouldn’t it be nice if you were your own boss? You could work when it was convenient for you, and you would only do what you do best. The solution is starting a business in a niche you’re passionate about. Whether that’s something to do with IT or comic books, here are some things you should know about starting your own business.

Define the Niche

Every business must fit into a niche to be successful. Your business might fit into IT, gadgets and devices, comic books, entertainment and media, or another geek-centric realm. Just make sure that it can easily be categorized into one of these industries so that you have a strong target audience to pull from.

Develop a Business Plan

After you’ve figured out where your business belongs, start writing the plan. The business plan is like a series of guidelines that will help you develop your product and make profits. A good business plan includes the following:

  • Mission statement
  • Executive summary
  • Company summary
  • Description of your target market
  • Cost of operations
  • Service or product offerings
  • Financial projections

As you write your plan, you might think of other important information to add. There are plenty of resources to help you devise a good business plan.

Find Financing

You can’t make money without spending money—and you’ll need a lot for your business. If you planned ahead, you might have several thousand or even tens of thousands to get your business venture going. In some cases, you’ll only need a few thousand to start your business. But in others, it can cost hundreds of thousands at startup.

There are many ways to get the funding you need, the most common being a traditional loan. There are also investors who can back your project for a portion of equity or a portion of the profits. If you get an investor to help, make sure it’s someone who can share your passion and will believe in the end goal.

Onboard Employees

The right employees will carry your business forward or slow your progression. Employees will be the face of the company and often the only interaction your customers will have with your business. Developing strong employee onboarding techniques is very important for a strong company.

Choose Your Location

If your business is entirely online, then location isn’t an issue. If you’re building a brick-and-mortar organization, however, you’ll need to put some thought into where your business will be located. The ideal business location will be close to your target audience. It should also have plenty of opportunity for growth and be in the right proximity to suppliers.


The business world is highly competitive, and oftentimes the only companies that survive are those that surround themselves with the right people. This starts your momentum and gets the word out about your business. Since word-of-mouth marketing has proven to be the most effective form of marketing out there, this is a very important step.

Network at trade shows, industry-specific events, comic-con, community events, and other areas where you can connect with niche professionals and your target audience. As you do so, you’ll find mentors, customer potentials, and other individuals that can promote growth.

Hone Marketing Skills

A business without sound marketing skills can never hope to grow beyond its current state. The exact style of marketing you use may vary depending on your business, but you should take advantage of blogging, social media, paid advertising, signage, and other affordable, but effective marketing tactics.

Stay Nerdy

As you get caught up in the business side of things, don’t lose your passion. Remember what prompted you to start a business in the first place. Your love for your products and services will be the fuel that feeds that fire. Never lose sight of that, and you’ll watch your business grow.

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