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The Blackest Night may prove that after nearly twenty five years or more of the company-wide crossover, it may have finally grown up.

Although it is a phrase you may have heard many times before, there has never been a better time to be a superhero comics fan. The current output of quality material doesn’t show any signs of abating, and even the dreaded crossover event has begun the long trek to redeem itself.

Recession? What recession?

This week, the long awaited Blackest Night begins, as before the War Of Light has even really kicked off in the DC Universe between the Green Lantern Corps and their other-hued counterparts, the dead shall rise.

The boards are ablaze with all the possible pros and cons of this newest crossover, but if the recent Sinestro Corps War is anything to go by, then we are assured an exciting ride, even if everything seems a little convoluted at the minute. My own personal theory is that the Blackest Night will prove to be the birth and baptism by fire of the new Corps that have formed, and they shall be sticking around for many years to come, this may only be the first act in the War Of Light.

Despite the touted horror elements, if this turns into nothing but a zombie-fest (especially in the crossovers), then it will be an abject failure. I don’t think this will be another Marvel Zombies however, the writing on the Green Lantern Corps, and to a lesser extent the Green Lantern title itself has shown itself.

That is not to criticise Marvel Zombies, but we have seen that idea already. However, if you haven’t picked up the current series of Marvel Zombies, it is well worth a look, as the direction has totally changed. The Zombies (well, one of them) have finally reached the prime Marvel Universe, but thanks to A.R.M.O.R (the Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operation Response agency), the earth is forewarned, and characters that have not seen the light of day in a good while (pun intended) have been drafted to contain the outbreak. Daimon Hellstrom the Son Of Satan, Morbius the Living Vampire and my old favourite Jennifer Kale, to name a few. She never did get the attention she deserved IMHO.

Back to the plot. There are a number of projected I am pumped about, and this is one of them. The crossover are being touted as stand-alone minis, and the one I am really looking forward to is the Blackest Night: Titans.

Given the Titans history, this has the potential to be either really really good, or abysmal. I am hoping for the former. The good news is these crossover minis are not mandatory for following the story, just a matter of personal taste; unlike the minis that accompanied the Secret Invasion event. I think we can rely on Johns et al to provide characterisation and action in equal helpings in each issue, rather than relegating action to one and characterisation to another. After all, with an event touted to be as big as this, I can’t imagine a character who wouldn’t be affected, and I don’t just mean an epidemic of Peter Parkers Parents syndrome.

Hopefully, the Blackest Night may prove that after nearly twenty five years or more of the company-wide crossover, it may have finally grown up. We can hope.

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