State of the Multiverse 18

Irredeemable #5 cover

I want to move away from the two main universes today, and ask if you have looked at any of the offerings from Boom Comics. If you haven’t, then you are missing out.

As well as a growing line of licensed titles for the younger readers, Boom has delivered some very entertaining and sometimes thought provoking titles. From the worlds of H P Lovecraft or international conspiracy, to a stunning new take on the now age-old ‘Superman gone mad’ storyline.

With the first four issues already out in paperback, here is a story that is taking it’s time to reveal itself, and it benefits for that. Mark Waid’s ultimate super being is The Plutonian, and the story opens as he attacks and destroys many of his former comrades. Glimpses into the Plutonian’s perspective are few and far between as the story focuses on the survivors of his former colleagues, who as you can imagine, are scared witless, and very slowly dwindling in number.

Now a good H P Lovecraft story is not easily told in comics form, but the Fall Of Cthulhu series, and it’s sequels Godwar and Apocalypse mix an equal amount of visual and idealogical horror and surreality worthy of Lovecraft itself. The later series of Nemesis failed to meet up to the high standard set by the earlier series, but was nonetheless entertaining.

Events in Irredeemable are rising to a climax (I think) so now is the time to jump on.

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