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Tomorrow sees the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy and Nova, as we begin the build-up to the Realm Of Kings event. Excited about the return of the Magus, I went back to read his first appearance back in Strange Tales Volume 1 #178 – 181, and I aim to read the rest of story in Warlock #9-15 later. These were reprinted shortly after the time of the Infinity Gauntlet if I recall correctly as the Original Warlock, so you should be able to find the back issues cheap.

Back in the War Of Kings, Phyla-Vell was instructed to slay the Champion of Life at the precise moment she became aware of his identity, and thus was born Adam Magus. The original Magus too was destined to be the Champion of Life, engineered by Master Order and Lord Chaos to battle Thanos, the worshipper of Death.

Thus was Jim Starlins original story, full of big concepts and grandiose titles, seventies sci-fi at its metaphysical best. But our characters have grown since then, Thanos abandoned his love of death, only to finally receive her embrace back in Annihilation. The Magus was the champion of Oblivion when he faced Genis Vell in Peter Davids excellent Captain Marvel series. The one thing you can guarantee is the incestuous nature of the Magus history, born by the actions of the woman whose brother and father were his sworn enemies.

And of course, there is the soul fragment called the Magus who now exists as a phantom in the Soul Gem, it’s whereabouts last seen in Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers. Of course the Magus of the Infinity War was merely that, a subconscious fragment, and has no bearing or relation to the original Magus or this new Adam Magus, who may or may not be the same being. In fact by birth, they are the same being, they all are, but in a universe where the timeline diverges at eth drop of a sonic screwdriver, who’s to say if they remain the same being or not.

So where could this lead? The Thanosi, clones of Thanos created to pursue his agenda way back when, believe themselves to be followers of Death, or at least a warped view of her. Who now will be the Champion of Life? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

Personally, my money is on Rocket Raccoon!

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