State of the Multiverse 28

That’s what I like about Captain Atom/Monarch. He’s always been such a straightforward, simple character.

Action Comics #882

It’s been a good week this week.

I plugged REBELS in my last column, so I will say little more that pick up #9, where we learn what R.E.B.E.L.S stood for the first time round, Adam Strange, Captain Comet and Kanjar Ro join the fight, and the Omega Men travel to one of Starros home galaxies.

What really caught my attention was Action Comics #882. While the hunt for Supergirl, Chris and Thara heats up after they have been framed by General Sam Lane (always been such a lovable guy) and his agents Reactron and Metallo, it is the back up strip starring Captain Atom that has started to reveal its secrets. Trapped in a world of magic, a former enchanted slave of Mirabai The Forlorn, an ally of Lane’s, and it looks maybe responsible for his time as Monarch during Countdown. I had rather thought there was a lot more to Monarchs tale than had been revealed so far. Just being put in armour did not seem enough to send him so completely over the edge.

Now this is just a guess, but I assume she is tied in with the Lords of Chaos and Order if they still exist, considering Monarchs first incarnation was Hank Hall, carrying the powers of both Order and Chaos within him after the first death of Dawn granger – Dove.

Of course this is before he absorbed the powers of Waverider, became Extant, who was merely a pawn of the yellow fear demon Parallax possessing Hal Jordan. An unwitting agent of Parallax, Extant was also responsible for the creation of the Team Titans timeline, the Time Trappers interference in creating the second Terra, Mirage and Deathwing not withstanding.

Extant met his end in an arc of the JSA in a little universe he had created himself. Then again, Hank Hall has just returned as a Black Lantern, so depending on what the fates of these undead Lanterns will be, there may be more to add there. After all, is Hawkman dead again?

So Mirabai was responsible for Monarch II, erm make that III. In fact it’s IV, considering prior to Infinite Crisis in the pages of Extreme Justice, it was revealed that Monarch was the original Captain Nathaniel Adam (only in Action Comics it’s now Allen), and that Captain Atom was only the alien metal imprinted with Adam’s, erm, Allen’s personality and memories.

That’s what I like about Captain Atom/Monarch. He’s always been such a straightforward, simple character.

Considering this is being written by James Robinson, I am hoping that many of these plot threads will be touched upon, after all it is not like Mr Robinson to ignore the slightest detail, you only have to look at Justice League: Cry For Justice to know that.. And lets face it, there’s a minefield full of them here.

Oh, and if you want to know who the Black Beetle is, pick up Booster Gold #25. I hope this one is a lie. Oh, and for the most hilarious Thor/Hercules fight ever, read the Incredible Hercules #136

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