State of the Multiverse 29

Crossovers in the past have been accused of either affecting too much pointlessly, or not having enough long-lasting effects. I don’t think Dark Reign can be accused of either of these.

Looking at January 2010’s solicitations, it doesn’t look like Dark Reign is coming to an end anytime soon, but events may well be coming to a head.

Siege #1 cover, released in January

In January, Osbourne launches the Siege Of Asgard, with a central series and numerous tie-ins, the seeds of which have apparently already been laid. I think I need to go read my Thor issues. I rather hope that this will be more poignant that the Dark Reign:The List issues, which so far have been little more than amusing stories of Normans failure.

It’s nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but that light won’t be dawning until at least April, as Siege is a four issue series. However, today’s release of Dark Reign: The List Avengers is included in the Road To Siege Hardcover, so I think that this will be one not to miss.

With the upcoming Necrosha, and Nation X, and the already commencing Realm Of Kings, it looks like the age of the uber-story is here for the duration. Great for continuity freaks like myself, but not so easy on the wallet. I hope once the dust settles from the Dark Reign, Marvel will allow each series freedom to pursue their own plotlines, but the solicitations don’t yet seem to reveal the threat posed by Adam Magus, the new, evil form of Adam Warlock. If they are paying homage to the original timeline of Jim Starlin’s Warlock, then I feel that may yet be waiting in the wings.

So in comparison, Blackest Night is certainly cheaper, but certainly not lower quality. And January’s solicitations have revealed what I knew! Nekron is the big, big bad. The only release this week is Blackest Night:Superman #3, I only hope this series in it’s final issue manages to be as relevant as the excellent Blackest Night: Batman.

My other recommendation for today? Zenescope’s Escape From Wonderland #2. If you haven’t picked any of this series up so far, you have missed a treat. The Wonderland they portray is even more twisted than in the original novels, and if you like your classic stories with a twist, this is the one for you.

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