State of the Multiverse 34

The Great Ten #1

Well Zombie-Watch is a little quiet this week, with the only zombie-action I have caught so far being the Doom Patrol crossover. I’m in two minds about the Doom Patrol series, I really enjoy the characters, and of course the classic Vertigo series, but I have yet to be sold on the current incarnation.

Having the Chief come face to face with his alleged former wife Celsius of the (not so) New Doom Patrol is intriguing, as I do not think they have been seen together before. I recall Chief saying to his team-mates a few years ago (post-INVASION!) that she never was his wife, just a very troubled woman, but then again truth and the Chief do not seem to frequent acquaintances.

This is a set up issue however, containing little more than the requisite “Oh My God! Zombies!” moment. Still with losing pages to the rather uninspiring Metal Men back up strip, there is very little room for much else.

I have to say that I am not really impressed with the art either. After the tradition established by the Vertigo series, the Doom Patrol art should be quirky, however Justiniano’s pencils and Livesay’s inks do not give these zombies the detail we have seen in other titles.

The one title I have really enjoyed, and have been awaiting since its announcements is The Great Ten #1. Not being a great follower of manga, Final Crisis Aftermath:Dance did not do a great deal for me. I assume it was heavily manga-influenced, but the insightful look into Japanese style-heroics did not really do enough for me. I know the series was supposed to have its facile elements, in fact that was probably the point of it, but still, I didn’t connect with it at all.

The Great Ten promises to be different, launching straight into an indepth examination of the Accomplished Perfect Physician. Rather than shying away from controversial topics, it dives immediately into the topic of Tibet (with an admittedly ‘Free Tibet’ slant, but that is not something I disagree with at all). As a first issue, the situation of Tibet is acknowledged, but it remains to be seen whether it will be explored in further depth.

However, the whole issue screams ‘China’ (or at least a western understanding of such, I would love to know what Chinese readers think of it), far more than Dance screamed ‘Japan’. Written by Bedard (what ever happened to first names?), this looks to be a very promising series. I really want to get to know these characters, and I really hope that the sensation of China I perceive is a genuine one, rather than simply a western view. I would say propaganda, but I think that is too strong a word to use here. We shall see. I hold high hopes for it at least.

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